How digitalization has added a layer of Independence and support to the MSME sector?

The biggest part of the ongoing digital transformation is that it changes the way we think. A few years back no one thought to look up a new word on the internet. Now, instead of pulling out a dictionary we pull out smartphones from our pockets and look for the meaning of that word instantly. That’s what is fascinating about digital transformation when it is done right. It’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and that’s what every size of business, especially MSMEs, need to seek. The last few years have been amazing for India in terms of going online. The internet and digital innovations have already made a mark by contributing up to

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How to gain access to credit to run your small business seamlessly?

The Problem In an IDEAL world, a young businessman/entrepreneur needs a good idea to work, work, and be dedicated to creating a thriving business. But in the REAL world, many factors come into account. These factors, when do not take seriously, can impact on the growth of the business and even in a shut-down in the future. And not having financial

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