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Trade Finance, B2B Working Capital Finance

Our Services


Digitised solution for everyone buying or selling goods/services on credit


Enabling Buy Now Pay Later for all LSPs, Marketplaces, B2B platforms


Customised finance solutions that aren't traditionally available


Making Sachet Working Capital Loans for MSMEs accessible to large banks/ NBFCs

Factoring Finance

Digitised solution for everyone buying 

or selling goods/services on credit

Factoring supports the sellers in quick conversion of receivables into cash

Reverse Factoring helps buyers get instant finance, in addition to their banking limits

How it works

By selling the receivable invoice to us, without any collateral, your business can convert them into cash instantly and be free from the management of the receivables. This is faster than traditional sources of Working Capital available in the market 

We are a unique NBFC-FACTOR Company

Small seller/ MSME oriented

Instant Disbursements

Friction free processes

Zero Risk Option

Collection and Receivable Management

Technology Driven

100% Customised Programs

Secured Data-based Underwriting

Know more about Factoring Finance

  • No unnecessary or additional interest charges
  • Factoring is not shown as a loan on your Balance Sheet
  • Commonly known as Bill Discounting, Invoice Discounting, Invoice Financing
  • Has only been available for big corporates until now
  • Available for loss making, financially weak and newly setup businesses as well
  • Based on the Registration of Factors(Reserve Bank) Regulations, 2022

Embedded Finance

Enabling Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) for all Loan Service Providers, Marketplaces, B2B platforms, Auction Houses

Our Embedded Finance program supports the B2B Trade Finance by automating Buy Now Pay Later for all its stakeholders.

Using our secured underwriting algorithm, the process can be completed 24×7 disbursements by Straight Through Processing, for invoice value as low as Rs 10. 

How it works

After the invoice is generated on the trading platform, the buyer can choose to Buy Now, Pay Later. The underwriting process begins and once the algorithm clears the transaction, the money is disbursed instantly.

We’ve successfully pioneered in the space by going live and transactional on OCEN enabled GeM Sahay

Want to find out how 121 Finance is carving a new space and digitising Factoring for small ticket sizes?

Working Capital Finance

Customised finance solutions that aren’t traditionally available for

Digital Co-Lending

Making Sachet Working Capital loans for MSMEs accessible to large banks and NBFCs

 How 121 facilitates 

banks and NBFCs 

  • Small ticket size friendly
  • Customisable technology stacks
  • Thorough product and domain knowledge

Feathers in our Cap

India’s first NBFC-Factor to receive the Certificate of Registration under Registration of Factors (Reserve Bank) Regulations, 2022

Pioneers in going Live and functional on OCEN enabled GeM Sahay

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Our Edge

Our Edge

  • MSME/ small business friendly
  • Quick, Straight-Through-Processing
  • Fully automated yet simple onboarding
  • Receivables management back office support 
  • Integrated with Tally and other ERPs
  • No collateral required
  • Enabling 24×7 B2B payments
  • Also known as Invoice Discounting, Bill Discounting, Invoice Financing

Why Us


  • Tech-first Factoring company with a proprietary underwriting algorithm (RACE®)
  • STP – automated and digitised workflow
  • Built on India Stack 
  • NBFC with a fully functional and transactional iOS, Android app 
  • Constantly evolving Intelligence with Machine Learning data from multiple sources
  • Account aggregator – Sahamiti 
  • Unique API-based technology with growing API integrations

Risk Assessment & Credit Eligibility (RACE®)

An underwriting engine designed by a team with the collective experience of 95+ yrs from Banking, MSME, Working Capital Doctorate, Technology

  • Proprietary algorithm based Risk Assessment and Underwriting Tool
  • Amongst the pioneer FIUs (Financial Information User) as a partner to the account aggregator ecosystem, gathering untouched and instant data points
  • Straight Through Processing allows no manual intervention making underwriting more dependable
  • Based on the cross-pollination of multiple data points building stronger Data Analytics
  • Supports faster and digitised Due Diligence
  • Business Rules Engine gives the flexibility to customise rules specific to each trading platform

Digital Invoice Factoring

Completely digitised:

  • DIY Onboarding
  • Digital KYC
  • Rule-based Underwriting (RACE®)
  • Documentation, a/c signups, e-signature
  • Transaction, Invoice Verification, and acceptance
  • STP based 24×7 disbursements using banking APIs

Enabling all ticket size Transactions

Small ticket size-friendly solutions to bring the Digital Factoring experience to the bottom of pyramid MSMEs, both as a seller and buyer. 

As an RBI regd. Factoring NBFC with our unique platform, we are nimble and have proven to be a challenger in servicing this space that incumbents can’t service.

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