A first generation entrepreneur and father of our Chairman, started his entrepreneurial career in 1931 at the age of 21.
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During his lifetime, he had started multiple ventures, all guided by a common philosophy and values:

  • Rural / Local Employment idealica.me/es/ Generation: As early as in 1970, his factory employed to more than 700 persons in his idealica.me/pl/ village
  • Localisation and Import Substitution: Import of equipment, not products
  • Knowledge driven business & life: Books are your best friends… bstincontri.it Way back in 1932, he had authored books on Self Dependent Businesses
  • Nature & Ayurveda is your best doctor

This ideology was a result of his close association with senior leaders during the freedom struggle of India, including Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave.

Ramjidas Modani was acknowledged by the Government of Rajasthan as a Freedom Fighter in the freedom struggle of India. During 1962-1974, he bought the best of plants from the UK and Italy and installed them in his hometown, Naraina in Jaipur district. In 1977, he was awarded as a “Self Made Industrialist”.

Following the principles of Gandhiji, he was always on a lookout for giving back to the society. His gates and purses were always open to any aid, especially in these areas:

  • Education
  • Skill Development
  • Health

This led to his founding the Modani Sewa Sansthan in 1971. In the years to come, this NGO set up 3 schools; a public library, an Ayurveda hospital and a skill development centre for women, among several other initiatives.

Two of these schools, Saraswati Devi Modani Girls Government High School (only for Girls) and Ramdayal Modani Government High School (only for Boys), were constructed and donated to the Government of Rajasthan, that has been running them since then. Saraswati Devi Modani Bal Vidyalaya, a co-ed school for children up to class VIII, is being run by the Trust.

Shri Ramjidas Modani was himself educated only up to class IV, but he made books his best friend and was bstdating.de a voracious reader. His entire education later came from self-reading and learning. He was thorough in both, English and Hindi languages, and daily letter writing was a tradition he had taught long before the power of communication was acknowledged. So much so, that he used to give books as gift on weddings and birthdays, and as awards in schools. This tradition is still being followed by the Foundation.


Our Chairman, started Ramjidas Modani Foundation, in 2007, in memory of Late Shri Ramjidas Modani and to carry on the principles and philosophy of his father. Despite good overall health, he suddenly suffered from myocardial infarction. This episode got him into two more pursuits:

  1. Heart Surgeries for Children, and
  2. Regular Health Check-up Camps

In the past 13 years, he has facilitated more than 120 heart surgeries for children at the Fortis Hospital, Bangalore.

He also organises free health check-up camps in Naraina and other places regularly.
In 2020, we are under process of merging our activities of Ramjidas Modani Foundation and other trusts into 121 Foundation.

121 Foundation

121 Foundation intends to continue focus on the following areas:

Supporting Livelihood:

  • Education
  • Skill development
  • Promoting tiny entrepreneurship

Gift-a-Book Project:

We have started Gift-a-Book Project, wherein we have a set of books available in both, English and Hindi, available for anyone interested in reading them. We also promote gifting of books on all occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

121 Finance, intends to enhance its Bharat Loans Programme from being purely secured loans to Livelihood Loans. The motto of this Programme is to create livelihood opportunities and to create and nurture successful micro entrepreneurs. Read more lightning link slot free play

The intended beneficiary borrowers will manpower intensive, local businesses such as handicrafts, agro, furniture, stone work, village textiles, motor workshops, stone work, and even shopkeepers.

121 Foundation will select entrepreneurs after a psychometric test and would then tie up with an established business to impart him/her the required skills. Post the skilling, the person should either be employable by the organisation or can act as an ancillary to the company and that is where 121 will support in terms of funding/financing.